About Us

Zenmatch uses objective data and smart technology to find the perfect matches between buyers, sellers and agents

We’re excited to make Canadian real estate better for all: home buyers, sellers and agents! 

Our Mission

Help home buyers and sellers with the biggest financial decision of their lives

Buying or selling property is, for most of us, the biggest financial decision of our lives. Too often, however, we either try to do it ourselves or with an under-performing real estate agent. 

Yet research shows that working with a top real estate agent leads to better prices, fewer days on the market, and an overall smoother, more enjoyable experience. 

At Zenmatch, we believe that it’s time that home buyers and sellers make the critical decision of which agent to work with equipped with the same leading edge data-driven tools that we now use in so many other aspects of our lives, from booking flights and hotels to comparing insurance and mortgage rates.

We are on your side, and we’re here to cut through all the noise and match you and your unique needs with the very best real estate agent best suited to you, and we do it fast, with no hassle, and 100% free.

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