How It Works

Zenmatch uses its proprietary SearchLight™ algorithm to analyze millions of data points for thousands of agents across Canada to find and match you with only the best ones.

The Process

Here’s how we match you with your perfect real estate agent – from start to finish.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Answer a few quick questions about what kind of home you're looking to buy or sell.

We’ll crunch the data

Our proprietary SearchLight™ algorithm uses the latest in AI (artificial intelligence) technology to quickly analyze millions of data points for thousands of real estate agents across Canada. We then take the information you provided to us about your buying or selling needs and match you with a short-list of top agents best suited to your unique profile.

Review and pick your top agents

We'll then present you with a curated list of high-potential agents that we think would serve you very well. Our recommendations are 100% free and unbiased. Review our suggestions and simply select the ones you'd like to interview. We'll then make an introduction and you can take things from there. It's as easy as that!

Talk anytime with one of our dedicated real estate experts

One of our professional real estate experts will reach out to you using your preferred communication method (phone, texting, email) to better understand your needs, review your matches with you, and answer any questions you might have. We're always there for you, free of charge, to make sure you find and are happy with the perfect agent for you.

Meet the top agents you selected

After we've introduced you to the agent you approve of, we encourage you to have at least one meeting in person with them before finalizing your choice of who to work with. We've prepared a checklist of helpful interview tips and questions for you to use when picking your agent. And of course we are always here to talk you through the process if you'd like.

Now the fun begins - start working with your chosen top agent!

It took a bit of time and effort, but trust us, it was worth it. This is likely the biggest financial decision of your life, and Zenmatch has worked with you to find you a top professional to help you get the most out of it. But just because you've selected your agent, doesn't mean we are no longer here for you. Keep us posted on how things are going, what you're happy about, and what you may want to see improved. We'll be by your side until your selling or buying journey is complete!

Close the deal, and don't forget your reward!

Even once you have accepted an offer to buy or sell your home, we will be here for you to guide you through the closing process. We want everything to go smoothly for you! Once all is done, and you're breathing a big sigh of relief, don't forget to let us know: we'll reward your hard work with a $250 gift card valid at one of the fine retailers we work with - hopefully it will help you with your move!

The Factors

We use the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology to analyze millions of data points for thousands of agents across Canada and match only the best ones with your unique needs.

Our proprietary SearchLight™ algorithm evaluates a wide range of factors that have been proven to separate truly great real estate agents from truly mediocre ones.

Transaction Experience

We assess data from years of market and transaction volume across metrics such as property types, neighbourhoods, seasonality effects, economic data and specific real estate agent data. Research has shown that better agents tend to help consumers sell or buy faster, for a better price, and an overall more enjoyable, professional experience. 

Local Knowledge

We are a proudly Canadian company. We know that real estate is a hyperlocal field requiring hyperlocal expertise. We have spent years developing a deep knowledge of Canadian neighbourhoods and Canadian real estate agents. We find and suggest only those agents who have demonstrated localized expertise, from market trends to knowledge of schools and public services. This local knowledge gives Zenmatch home buyers and sellers a distinct advantage.

Negotiation Skills

At the end of the day, every real estate transaction is, by definition, a negotiation that hopefully leads to a deal. You want only the best proven negotiators on your side; those agents who the data tells us are true experts at helping their clients either sell their homes for the most, or buy their dream homes for a fair and reasonable price without overpaying. The better the negotiator, the more - often thousands - dollars in your pocket. And who doesn't like that?

Reputation and Reviews

In business, as in life, reputation is everything. We carefully monitor agent reviews, from social media to the reviews that other Zenmatch users provide us, to ensure that the agents we recommend are ones we would recommend to our own mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters. Ask yourself, when making the biggest financial decision of your life, do qualities like honesty, integrity and professionalism matter? If yes, then you'll be pleased to know that these and other qualities matter to us too, and are reflected in our agent rankings.

Network Size

Agents with a larger network – more connections – have access to a larger pool of buyers and sellers. What does this mean? If you’re selling: faster sale, and for more money for your property. If you’re buying: they maximize your chance to find your ideal home.

Marketing Expertise

We analyze an agent’s marketing skillset and brand presence. Whether it’s helping you stage your home, orchestrating a sophisticated listing strategy, or leveraging a strong online presence to help you find the home that fit your needs; an agent’s ability to market effectively is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

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