For Agents

We help you find great, high-quality leads


We quickly understand home buyers or sellers’ unique needs by asking them a few questions on the property they want to buy or sell, as well as themselves.


We analyze millions of data points across thousands of agents using our proprietary SearchLight algorithm, allowing us to find the agent that truly match their needs.


We suggest top agents like you to our motivated, smart, high-intent Zenmatch home buyers and sellers, and once they approve your selection, we facilitate an introduction and help foster a positive working relationship.

What is Zenmatch for real estate agents?

Zenmatch is new data-driven platform that allows top real estate agents a way to honestly, objectively and easily market themselves to prospective new clients.  It’s 2019: home buyers and sellers now want to find their agent the way they find so many other professionals: through a data-driven transparent and honest web/mobile application. We're proud to offer an impartial and honest matching service that both agents and clients can trust.

How many referrals will I get by using this service?

We strive for quality, not quantity. We provide home buyers and sellers not with a lot of agents to choose from, but with a small number of truly top agents. Similarly, we don’t guarantee agents who work with us a huge number of referrals. What we do say is that the referrals we provide to you will be qualified, vetted, high-potential and high-quality ones; they are motivated, digital-savvy, smart home buyers and sellers who you will be happy to work with.  Our referrals tend to have very high successful transaction closing rates.

How does it work?

Interested? Please send us a message here and one of our agent support specialists will get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll get a chance to learn more about Zenmatch and how we work. If you’d like to join, we will spend time with you to better understand your profile and strengths, then work to match you with the right client profiles. Once we have found great potential clients for you, we’ll refer them to you: our agent support specialists will get in touch with you to facilitate an intro to these potential clients. It’s very important that you call the clients we refer to you ASAP, and then keep us fully informed on progress you make. That way, we can ensure both you and our clients have an ideal experience.

What does it cost?

Zenmatch is 100% free for you to join. All we charge is a standard fee of 10% of any commission you make when you close a transaction with a home buyer or seller referred to you by Zenmatch. This is completely similar to the standard agent-to-agent referral fee you’re already used to, except we actually charge even less.

Can I pay to advertise on Zenmatch or increase my ranking on it?

No. We have made a promise to the clients who use our site that we will always remain trustworthy, honest, transparent, objective and fair.  We will never do anything to jeopardize the trust-based relationships we build with our users.  Similarly, we find that top agents appreciate that they are being judged only on their actual performance, and not competing with others who may wish to simply pay more to be ranked higher.

So then how can I increase my Zenmatch ranking?

Easy! Just do your job and do it well! The more successful you are with home buyers and sellers you work with, the more good objective data we will be able to use to fairly and honestly rank you versus other Agents. We also encourage you to ask your clients to send reviews of you to Zenmatch through our contact us page as we factor such reviews into our rankings as well.