Does Zenmatch charge a fee?

No. Zenmatch is 100% free for buyers and sellers. There’s no catch! In fact, not only is Zenmatch 100% free to use, but once you've closed your transaction using an agent you found on Zenmatch, and you're breathing a big sigh of relief, don't forget to let us know, and we'll reward you for your hard work with a $250 gift card for any of the fine retailers we work with - hopefully it will help you with your move! 

Do agents pay to be ranked on Zenmatch?

No. There is absolutely no way for real estate agents to pay for preferential positioning on our website. The only way that agents can improve their Zenmatch ranking is by offering better services for their clients, handling more transactions, and improving their overall stats.   

How does Zenmatch make money? 

Zenmatch NEVER lets any agent pay us to advertise or to promote themselves in any way. Our trusted-based relationship with Zenmatch users is too important, and we will always stay objective, unbiased, and honest. Instead, if you close a transaction using an agent you found on Zenmatch, once the transaction closes the agent pays us a small referral fee (this is a standard practice in the real estate industry - real estate agents pay other real estate agents referral fees all the time). We get the same percentage referral fee regardless of which agent you work with, so you can rest assured that we don't play favourites in any way.   

Why should I trust Zenmatch's recommendations?

Zenmatch uses our cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) SearchLight™ algorithm to analyze thousands of data points, to ultimately find the best real estate agent to match your needs. The only way that an agent can influence Zenmatch recommendation engine is by doing fantastic work for their clients.

We've designed our matching algorithm to evaluate thousands of real estate agents and then match only the best ones with Zenmatch home buyers and sellers. We take into account dozens of factors into our analysis, including but not limited to the agent's:

  • Relevant transaction experience
  • Local knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Reputation and reviews
  • Social network
  • Marketing expertise
  • And much more… 

Will Zenmatch forget about me once I've selected an agent?

Absolutely not! Buying or selling a home is likely the biggest financial decision of your life, and we want to be there for you and with you every step of the way! From helping you select a great agent, to guiding you through the process of buying or selling your home, one of our professional real estate experts will be by your side to ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable, and successful journey.

Do I need to use the agent that ReziZenmatchble recommended?

You are under no duty to work with any of the real agents we recommend.  Our goal is to bring more transparency into a procedure which traditionally lacks it and present you with these objective, data-based recommendations so that you are able to make an educated choice.   

I'm a real estate agent who wants to meet the kinds of motivated and smart home buyers and sellers that Zenmatch users are. How do I sign up?

Zenmatch is a great new way for real estate agents to showcase their skills online and bring additional business.  The world has changed.  Consumers today need more information about the products they purchase as well as the service providers they employ – including real estate agents. Sign up here.